What is SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Secure socket layer technology protects your website and allows customers and potential customers to trust your website with their personal information, by encrypting important information during different online transactions.

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How does SSL certificate work?

SSL certificate provides private communication channels for data transmission and encrypts it with a special code. The encryption used for the information being transferred has been compared to that of an envelope being sent through the mail. The envelope protects what's inside, and prevents the contents on the inside of the envelope being seen until it reaches the receiver.

Why do I need SSL certificate?

You may need SSL encryption services for your users safety if you offer one or more of these things in your website:

  • if you have have an online store and accept online transactions along with credit cards
  • you require logging on to your site
  • you process sensitive or/and personal information on your site

SSL certificate acts as a shield and protects all the users data. Your existing and potential clients will trust you with their personal information.

How do my website users know that they can trust me with their data?

There are four indicators which show that your website is protected with SSL certificate:

  • Closed padlock
  • Trust mark
  • HTTPS in the URL
  • Green address bar

Also you can have website security seal which is a visible indicator of trust that will give your visitors confidence in your website security. These seals are often used on landing pages or home pages so that from the very first interaction with your website your customers are assured that you are a credible company.

How to choose the best SSL certificate for my website?

Depending on the complexity of your business and the number of transactions you expect to process, there are different levels of encryption and protection required.

E-commerce Website Security

There are different levels of assurance when it comes to SSL certificates. If your online store is accepting payments you should add the strongest level of encryption and assurance to your e-commerce hosting package. When you consider the customer confidence you will ensure by providing the best level of website security. You will soon discover that the additional fee is insignificant if it boosts sales.

Issuance Speed

Important question to ask yourself is how quickly do you need your SSL certificate? The answer will help you determine your selection. If you are ready to start accepting payments online immediately, then you may need to select an SSL Certificate that can be issued instantly so you don't lose out on potential sales. You can install temporary low assurance SSL Certificate while you go through a more thorough validation process for a stronger SSL Certificate with higher website security levels or a greater warranty. The speed of issuance is directly related to the level of validation of your business and the guarantee behind the SSL Certificate. Validation ranges from simply checking the domain name against the registrant information in the WHOIS domain database to reviewing your business credentials including your articles of incorporation, licenses, etc.

SSL Certificate Warranty

The guarantee amount included in your SSL Certificate gives your customers an indication of how seriously you take website security. The more highly assured SSL certificate includes a higher guarantee. If any fraudulent activity occurs as a direct result of a customer's transaction with a website which contains SSL certificate, the issuing SSL certificate Authority will reimburse the affected customers.

Price and Number of Domains

You should choose the best certificate depending on the number of domains you need to secure. Do you have to secure one domain or are key pages of your website contained on multiple domains? SSL certificates can be purchased for individual domains and also in bulk for sub domains and to secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN). You will need an SSL Certificate for each domain that is part of the online transaction to secure transactions and to protect your customer's data at every step of the online transaction process.

Customer Support

It is also important to know that you can reach your SSL certificate provider 24/7. Customer support is very necessary and you should be sure that your certificate provider offers immediate help if you are experiencing any problems, especially in cases when the problems can affect your customer's perception of your website security. Always check that there are customer support representatives available to you by email, phone or online chat. Knowing someone can help identify your problem and resolve it with you in real time can be valuable if ever a problem actually occurs!

We hope that these advices will help you but don't forget that you can always contact support@getssl.me for any help and suggestions for choosing the right certificate!

How to order my SSL certificate?

You can order SSL certificate in our online store GetSSL.me. Just click “Buy” under the relevant certificate description and fill in the required fields.

Which are acceptable methods of payment?

All major Credit/Debit Cards are acceptable methods of payment. Our Terms are payment in full within thirty days. All goods remain the property of the GetSSL.me until paid for in full.

How can I get my SSL certificate after paying?

After successful payment and validation the authority will send you SSL Certificate via email.

Can I cancel my request after ordering SSL certificate?

We allow a cancellation if you are not satisfied or would like to change your SSL certificate. Minimum 24 hours of cancellation required. you can notify us in person, via email support@getssl.me, mobile phone text message. Your payments will be fully refunded to Bank account in 30 days.

What is GetSSL.me refund policy?

If the certificate does not work as intended and you need a replacement or a refund, GetSSL.me will cancel, reissue or refund fees following issuance or renewal of a GetSSL.me upon request by the Client within seven (7) days of issue date. To request a cancellation, refund or a reissue, a Client should contact us with reason at support@GetSSL.me. Usually all orders are cancelled and refund is processed within a single day, but it may take up to 72 hours depending on GetSSL.me.

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