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SSL Certificates for Your Security

Categories: Customer Data, Comodo SSL Certificate, SSL Certificates | October 6, 2013

Security is a vital factor to consider particularly in terms of businesses online. Not to mention the many bad intentions and scams that available online. Every web developer will advise you to buy SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer certificates) since they serve as the framework of secure Internet, providing protection to your confidential information as it roams around the world. It is the SSL that keeps the criminals and anarchists from ruling the Internet and provides you and your customers with direct benefits.

The SSL certificate is quite useful in matters where the information is specially sent in such a way that it cannot be read by everyone except the server which is the intended recipient of such information. It maintains the information sent through the Internet to be encrypted so that it should only be understood by the intended recipient. This is basically necessary since the information that is sent through the Internet passes across other computers to reach the destination server. The computers in between the sender and the server are capable of seeing your usernames, credit card numbers and passwords as well as other confidential information in cases where there is no SSL certificate that keeps it encrypted. Thus, it is highly needed for protection against identity thieves and hackers.

Aside from providing authentication which means the information is sent to the appropriate server always; it is a sure way to gain the trust of your customers when you buy SSL certificates. Web browsers especially provide visual cues like a green bar or a lock icon to show to visitors that the connection they have is secured. This benefits your business since the customers will most probably purchase your products. When you avail of an SSL, you will be given a trust seal by the SSL providers which will elicit trust from your customers.   

Comodo SSL certificate provides a cost-effective and powerful security primarily for an e-commerce website. It is the fastest way for any online business to provide protection to customer transactions through the use of SSL security. Its server licenses and re-issuance policy are unlimited. It features 256-bit encryption. If you are looking for a certificate that is issued only in minutes with no paperwork requirement, try Comodo PositiveSSL certificate. It authenticates and secures communications online for more than 200,000 business customers around the globe and protects over 25,000,000 global users with its award-wining security solutions.

Have you secured your users data?

Categories: Security, Customer Data, SSL Certificates | June 5, 2013

So let's start this topic about data safety by telling you why it has always been important and why it is a growing concern today. Nowadays the ability to control the information someone reveals about oneself over the internet and who can access that information, has become a raising concern. That's why people are more suspicious about putting their personal data even on wide known websites because they don't feel safe. What could you do to improve the safety? You can do this by simply buying SSL certificate which acts as a shield. SSL certificate protects your website and allows customers and potential customers to trust your website with their personal information.

Don't lose a sale

It is not a secret that in 21st century shopping online is a trend which is one of the reasons why data safety is a growing concern today. According to research the number of online users either buying or researching products online since year 2000 has roughly doubled. It has been planned that until year 2016 the purchases will double and this indicator also provides great opportunities for hacking. In year 2012 there has been registered 174 million cases of suspected hacker attacks and private data leakage. It is a big amount and it shows that the safety must be a priority when it comes to closing a sale online. It doesn't matter how great the product, offer or website is, if your customer doesn't feel safe providing you with their payment details and sensitive information, you will lose the sale.

A visible sign of protection

So we move to the second part where we tell you how important for your business is to protect your website from data leakage with SSL certificate. Some would say “Why should I do this? Nothing has ever happened to my clients and customers and nothing ever will!” But remember that you can never be sure! Why? Because it is easy to see if you have SSL certificate integrated in your website and also if you don't. We can compare this situation to thieves who has always been a big threat to your house. What would you do to guard your home? Simple- you would always be sure to lock it whenever you go outside, maybe install alarm system or have a housedog. Whenever thieve throws a glance on your house he will see that you are protected and there is no way that he could do something about it. Equal to this situation you should prevent thieves from stealing private data of your website users. If we are speaking about the internet, the stealing process would be called hacking. SSL certificate provides hackers and also your customers with a visible indicator of website security which is a proof that you are a trustworthy vendor and your client's online transactions will be protected.

So now you know why data safety is so important for every business which takes place online. Also you know how to protect your business from hacker menace and show your customers that you care about them. The answer is SSL certificate. But where could you get one and how could you know that it is the best suit for your website?

This is the place where our company can take a part. Our SSL Certificate store provides you with three certificate types- Standard, Business and Wildcard. Each of them differs by specifications and is adjustable according to your business. Don't forget that you can always ask for our experts advice by emailing to