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Featured Customers

Categories: Announcement, Featured Customers | October 29, 2013

We are happy to announce that we have started a new initiative called Featured Customers. Our customers deserve to be showcased because they are building awesome products and we want to help them spread the word. It is our duty to help them and many others by providing top grade security and first class support.

If you are an existing customer or going to be one soon, share your story with us and join featured customers on the front page of The list of featured customers is going to expand, but for now we are starting with three excellent startups: Kato, Hiburo & Ideasaurus. To learn more about them and read their quotes visit landing page. SSL Certificate adds a great value to any business — there is no doubt about it.

Featured Customers

First SSL certificate store in Latvia has opened

Categories: SSL Certificates, Announcement | June 5, 2013

First specialized online store in Latvia for SSL certificates has opened and gives their clients a chance not only to buy SSL certificate but also to get expert's advice and tips on how to choose the best certificate for specific business and website needs and how to install it.

Online store provides three certificate types – Standard, Premium and Wildcard. Starting with $6.95 a year every client can guarantee the highest security level for their website users. SSL or digital security certificate ensures that the information flow between website user and the server is encrypted, thereby guaranteeing the safety of the data entered.

Currently publicly available information in Latvia shows that website owners have not always taken in account the safety of client's data. As the team reveals: “Relatively small number of Latvian website's uses SSL certificates which means that our job is to educate our customers on internet security issues. SSL certificate integration in website is the first step to secure website environment but however many clients do not realize it or do not understand how the certificate works. Our experienced team members will be happy to offer consultations and answer customer's questions.”

Online store has set up a section “FAQ” on it's website where you can get acquainted with basic information about the SSL certificate - what is it, how it works and how to choose the best certificate type for your needs. For getting in touch with support team use e-mail Screenshot